Ideal Home Exhibition Additions No 2.

1908 Trade Cards.

Major & Co Ltd Hull. Col.

The Solignum Cottage at the Ideal Home Ex. Olympia 9 to 24

October 1908. Vert.

The Association of Diamond Merchants Jewellers Silversmiths Ltd.

B/W. (Picture of Stand). Vert.

Boulton & Paul Ltd. Col.

5. Cottage.

1910 Trade Cards.

Virol Children of All Nations. B/W.

Carolina (St Kitts, West Indies) Vert.

Lulu (Demerara) Vert.

Topsy (St. Kitts West Indies) Vert.

Pete (Jamaica) Vert.

Ummah (Cingalese Girl). Vert.

Ranee (Jamaica) add Vert.

1912 Trade Cards

Virol Children of All Nations. B/W.

Beattie (Polish). Vert.

Marguerite and Max (Breton). Vert.

A Chinese baby Vert.

Kitt (West Indies).

John Bradley. "Buntlet". Col.

"Bunty" The Childrens Model Kitchen.

Cards sold in the Dutch Village.

F B den Boer.Middelburg (Holland). Sepia

13. Walchersche Meisjes. Zeeland (Holland). Vert.

40. Molenzicht (Walcheren). Zeeland (Holland). Vert.

1913 Trade Cards.

Add to Cleaver Ltd. Series 1 to 7.

There are two types of backs, on A 'Post Card' measures 40mm, and on B 'Post Card' measures 42mm.

1. Souvenir of Russian Village. A.

2. The Village School, Russian Village. A. B.

3. The South Russian Farm, Russian Village. A.

4. The Crucifix in the Forest, Russian Village. Vert. A. B.

5. The Village Church, Russian Village. A.

Type A is known upright and inverted.

6. A Group of Russian Peasants, Russian Village. A. B.

Type B is known upright and inverted.

7. North Russian Log House, Russian Village. B.

Moore & Moore Pianos. Glossy R/P.

(No title, picture of stand).

1923 Trade Cards.

R. Neale & Sons. B/W.

Garden designed by H.R.H. The Princess Alice.

Official Cards. Glossy R/P.

A Crazy Garden.

1924 Official Cards.

This is a fairly complex issue and can be divided up into two main types. Type A has "Daily Mail Ideal Homes Exhibition 1924" on the back, and Type B does not. Both printings can be further divided into two groups, one where "Post Card" measures 35mm and has a short dividing line, and the other where "Post Card" measures 39mm and has "This is a Real Photograph" down the centre. Some printings of the same card have "Daily Mail Ideal Homes Exhibition 1924" on the front "DM", and some omit "Daily Mail" from the title, "no DM".

Numbered Series, R/Phot, brown back

1. The Dell.

Type B.

2. Carnation Garden.

Type B. 39mm, no DM.

3. Japanese Tea House Garden.

Type A. 39mm, DM.

4. Japanese Garden.

Type A. 35mm, no DM.

Type B.

5. A Rock and Terrace Garden.

Type B.

6. A Rill Garden.

Type A. 39mm, DM.

Type B. 35mm, DM.

7. A Pentagular Garden.

Type A. 39mm, no DM.

Type B. 35mm, no DM.

8. A Fountain Garden.

Type A 39mm, DM.

Type B. 39mm, no DM.

9. Rill and Pergola Garden.

Type A. 39mm, DM.

Type B. 39mm, no DM.

11. Diana's Garden.

Type A.

Type B. 35mm, no DM.

13. A Pergola Garden.

Type B. 35mm, no DM.

14. Spring and Rose Garden

Type A. 39mm, DM.

Un-numbered Series. R/Phot, no "Daily Mail Ideal Homes Exhibition 1924" on back, black back, "Post Card" Measures 47mm.

A Rock Garden. DM.

Monks Rest.

1926 Trade Cards.

A Luff & Sons Wimbledon Park. Glossy R/P.

Limestone Weatherworn Rockwork. Olympia Mar 1926.

1928 Official Cards.

6. The Garden End. Type A.

9. add Type A.

8. add A.

11. add A.

15. add Type A.

19. A Restful Arbour. Type A.

23. add A.

1929 Official Cards.

Some cards omit "Daily Mail Ideal Homes Exhibition 1929" from the title on the front, "no DMIHE 1929".

9. A Rose Temple Garden. no DMIHE 1929.

10. A Corner Garden.

13. add no DMIHE 1929.

14. add no DMIHE 1929.

16. add no DMIHE 1929.

17. add no DMIHE 1929.

1930 Official Cards.

1. add Type C.

5. add Type C.

7. add Type C.

8. add Type C.

1931 Official Cards.

14. add A.

15. The Terrace of a Hampshire Garden (by Cheal). C.

1932 Official Cards.

5. add C.

9. The Moorland Cottage Garden, by Baker. B.

12. add B.

17. add A.

19. "Bleak House" Garden, by J Cheal & Sons Ltd. B.

20. "The Honourable Molly" Garden, by Burton Holt Ltd. A.

21. The Bleak House, by J Cheal & Sons. B.

22. add A.

1933 Official Cards.

21. "The Marrying of Ann Leeke" Garden, by J Cheal & Sons Ltd. B.

1934 Official Cards.

5. add A.

7. Westmoreland Rock Garden, by Granville Ellis.


10. add A.

16. Mapledurham Mill Garden. A.

18. add A. C.

20. add A.

1935 Official Cards.

5. add A.

13. check this, my card is Welsh Garden by Gavin Jones.

15. add A.

1936 Official Cards

15. add C.

16. add A. B.

1937 Trade Cards.

B. Sunley & Co. Ltd. Col R/P.

Sunley's Garden at the Ideal Home Exhibition 1937.

Official Cards.

2. Petrarch and Laura Garden, by Granville Ellis. A.

1938 Official Cards.

12. add C.


(N). Small pool in rockery, Elizabethan house top R.

1948 Trade Cards. Printing the Daily Mail.

There are two types A. where "Post Card" measures 30mm and the front

background is pale salmon, and B. where "Post Card" measures 43mm and the front has a light grey background.

The Printing Presses.

Carmelite House. B.

The Linotype Machine. B.

The Special Trains. A.

1954 Official Cards.

97. Garden Landscape by Winkfield Manor Nurseries. (This seems to

have two numbers 89 & 97)?

It would be helpful if members could check their 1913, 1924, 1929, and 1948 Ideal Homes Exhibition cards and let me have an updated list of what they have.


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