6th Annual Convention and A.G.M.

This was held as usual on the last weekend of September at the White Swan. Apologies were received from Karl Illingworth, whose father was in hospital having suffered two heart attacks, Andrew Brooks as his son was getting married that day, Barry Norman who had to go to Devon as his Mother had suffered a stroke, Celia Bailey who had most of her business stock stolen the day before the Convention, and Mike Perkins who was unable to make it. Our President Stanley Hunter gave his report, and mentioned the books published and to be published by the Study Group, and that back numbers of the Newsletter were now available. This was followed by the report of the Secretary & Editor Bill Tonkin who said that he was now up to date with the Newsletter which had fallen sadly behind, before he took on the job in May and explained that the Newsletter was being produced by a team of three. The Treasurer Damon Murrin reported that a lot of dead wood (non paying members) was being cut out, and the Group's number now stood at 38, which included 9 new members. these reports were accepted by the meeting. Afterwards the election of Officers and Committee took place, and the following were elected.

President                   Stanley Hunter
Vice President           Karl Illingworth
Secretary                  Bill Tonkin
Treasurer                  Damon Murrin
Committee                Don Knight
                                Mike Perkins
                                Fred Peskett
                                Andrew Brooks
Auditor                    Nancy Tonkin
News Letter Team   Bill Tonkin
                               Damon Murrin
                               Karl Illingworth

The following items were discussed and agreed.

1. That a constitution should be drawn up which will be presented at our next A.G.M.

2. That there should be a Circulating Packet organised, if sufficient members wished to receive it. This would consist of a packet containing approximately 100 postcards, to be posted round a circuit.

3. Next year's Convention will be held at Wembley, on the 25th & 26th of September 1993.

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 10.45.

After the A.G.M. the first display was given by Stanley Hunter on the subject that he had just produced a book on, namely the 1888 Glasgow International Exhibition. I think everyone was impressed by the amount of material he has been able to amass on what is a relatively unknown exhibition, certainly until his book was published I don't think anyone knew much about it. After a break for coffee we saw a display by Arthur Smith, who had stepped in at the last moment to replace Barry Norman's display, which Barry was unfortunately not able to give. To me his display on the Royal Tournament was a really first class effort. As you will all be aware, the post cards of this series of events which started in the early 1900's never have a date on them, and are very seldom postally used, so it is almost impossible to sort them out. Arthur has tackled this problem and has been able to date the whole lot, He explained how he had done this with the aid of programs which gave details of each years special feature.

After a ploughman's laid on by our host, we settled down to Don Knight's Cinderella at the Exhibition, this we found was not about a glass slipper and pumpkin, but a superb show of Cinderella material connected with exhibitions. To think at one time they gave this stuff away. I only wish I had more of it. A break for tea and biscuits and then our final display of the afternoon given by Fred Peskett on the 1939 New York Worlds Fair, a good show on a subject that we have not seen before. After the last display we went back to Bill's house for a cup of tea and a general browse through his spare post cards. 7.00 saw us back at the White Swan for our Annual Dinner, where we were pleased to welcome Celia who had managed to make it and commiserate with her on her misfortune.

The first display at 10.00 on Sunday morning was by a new member giving his first ever public display. This was Bob Tough showing Early Balloon and Air Flights from Crystal Palace, Bob knows his subject and has some very nice material, and we all enjoyed it. To finish before our coffee break we had a short display by Alan Sabey on Wembley stamps bearing Wembley Exhibition Parcel Cancellations, all carefully placed over tracings of the large parcel postmark, a lot of work went into that display. In my days as a stamp collector nobody would dare show a stamp with a parcel cancellation as it ruined the stamp, but looking at Alan’s display brought home to me just how scarce this sort of material is today.

Bill Tonkin finished up with some very nice Japan British Exhibition cards, including two complete sets of the very scarce Japanese Department of Communication cards, one unused and one with the special 1910 Tokio hand stamp.

After lunch we crossed the road and went into the Crystal Palace Museum. We had done this last year and members had enjoyed it so much that several had requested that we did it again, not with a guided tour this time, but a slow amble round at our own pace. There is still so much to see that has been there since 1854, the sun was out, and it was the end to a perfect weekend.


© Exhibition Study Group 1992