1924 Scout Jamboree.

Now we all know that there was a Scout Jamboree held at Wembley during the British Empire Exhibition in 1924. Post cards of this event are very seldom seen, so when I heard that one was coming up in a Healey & Wise Auction I got on to them and asked for a Photo-copy of the front and back, which they were good enough to send me.

The front of the card has 'International Scout Jamboree August 1924' and part of the message on the back reads "your letter which I got just before I left for Denmark. We have had a ripping voyage and I have been a little sick.......I had a ripping time at Wembley".

Now my first thought was that this was a card bought at Wembley at the Jamboree, and posted by a Scout on his way home. This did not tie up with the London - Copenhagen - London bit, was this a return trip starting from Wembley, but if so it would have been Wembley - Copenhagen - Wembley. I finally refered to 'The Imperial Jamboree 1924' published by The Boy Scouts Association, and the penny dropped. The Wembley Jamboree was 'The Imperial' and the card was for an 'International' held in Copenhagen later in the same year. So it was not a Wembley Exhibition card, and since there was an estimated valuation of 100 put on it, thank goodness for that.


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