You will recall that last year John Nelson asked through our Newsletter for information on Wembley Perfins (Wembley stamps with perforated firms initials). Don Knight and Alan Sabey had covered this very well in their book 'The Lion Roars at Wembley'. John used this as his starting point, for a survey he was doing through the Perfin Society. He received altogether details of 412 stamps, and this covered 63 different types. The Perfin Society has now produced a 16 page A 4 size booklet on the results of his survey. 'Catalogue of Perfins 1924 - 1925 British Empire Exhibition Stamps' (not a priced catalogue). A copy of this has been sent to all the members of the Study Group who helped John in his research. One of the tables lists all the known examples for each firm, this is interesting as it shows at a glance which are the common, and which are the scarce ones. In the case of 12 firms only a single example is known, and only two copies are known of a further 12 firms. This compares with over 60 used by Waterlow & Sons Ltd. So as you can see a lot of these are very scarce items, particularly if you have them on cover.

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