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This Exhibition was opened by the Mayor of Wembley, H S Sirkett J.P. at 3pm on October the 13th 1948. It came within a couple of months after Wembley Stadium had been the main venue of the Olympic Games, and was held in the Civic Hall, a building (since demolished) dating back to the 1924 British Empire Exhibition.

There were 50 stands 24 on the ground floor and 26 on the first floor, and well known names who were there, apart from the Borough of Wembley, and Wembley Stadium Ltd were.

Wembley Observer (local newspaper)

Johnson, Matthey & Co. Ltd. (Their building occupied the site of the

British Guiana Pavilion)

Kodak Ltd. (Whose factory produced milling, drilling, and lathe

components for use at the main factory at Harrow)

Tyre Products Ltd. (Whose works in the Palace of Engineering

manufactured Fabricated Rubber Mats)

Adana (Printing Machines) Ltd. of Willesden. (It was on an Adana

machine that the late Ron Philips produced 6th Wembley Scouts

Christmas Post Stamps).

Hoover Ltd.

there were also a number of smaller local firms.


JUNE 7-29 1957

The second exhibition to be held at Wembley, nine years later was 'The Festival of Women', this was described as "The family exhibition that is different. Sponsored by Women, featuring a Women's World". It was held in the Empire Pool with some kiosks outside in the gardens around the second section of the lake. (The Empire Pool having been built in 1934 on the first section at the western end). The Festival ran from June 7-29 1957 and Brittania's head appears many times on the front cover of the catalogue. The President was the Duchess of Marlborough, and the committee included the following organisations.

British Federation of Business and Professional Women

Federation of Soroptimist Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland

National Association of Women's Clubs

National Council of Women

National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs of

Great Britain and Northern Ireland

National Union of Townswomen's Guilds

Scottish Woman's Rural Institute

Scottish Co-operative Women's Guild

Trade Union Congress National Woman's Advisory Committee

Women's Co-operative Guild

Apart from various Trade Union stands, there was a grand total of 93 exhibition stands ranging from women's garments, make up, cookery, china to household articles, and from general matters of health to the National Childbirth Association of Great Britain.

Calipso Island (the island in the middle of the lake) was one of the main attractions, with evening entertainment and dancing with music provided by Calipso bands. A Pageant 'Spirit of Co-operation' was presented by the Women's Co-operative Guild on Saturday June 29th. Also various dramas and lectures were given in the theatre set-up in the Empire Pool and Sports Arena. The Festival of Women was open daily, except Sundays, from 10am to 10pm and a special postmark was produced to mark the event.

Now that the Exhibition Halls have been built near the Stadium there are regular trade and public exhibitions.

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