By John Nelson


            Members will remember some time ago John Nelson of the Perfin Society asked for help on a listing he was making of perfins on Wembley Stamps. The Perfin Society has published the results of his research as reported in our Newsletter No. 30 in a 16 page A4 size booklet. John has sent me an update on the booklet as follows.


            Members (of the Perfin Society) may wish to note the following additions to the Catalogue of these perfins published by the Society in 1993. The total number of different dies is now increased to 59 and the number of stamps reported to 444. I am grateful to all those who have contributed additional information.


New Dies


            B&M/LTD     B4930.01        1924    1 1/2d

                        *BELLISS & MORCOM LIMITED,


                                    Ledsam Street Works, Birmingham 16.

                        Exhibitors in 1924 (P/E Ave 11-12, Bay 17-18).


            IOM                I1928.01          1924    1d

                        User not identified.


            NB                  N0210.2          1924 1d (pair)

                        User not identified but pmk London, 7 Aug 1924.


Additional stamps and covers


            ABC                A0530.05        1925 1d.

                                                            1925 1 1/2d on cover pmkd London NW1 7 Aug 1925.

            BS&S              B6850.01         1924 1 1/2d.

            DM                  D3110.03        1924 1 1/2d.

            D.S                  D4370.01        1924 1d (two).

            ETC                 E4700.05         1924 1 1/2d.

            F.G                  F1590.01         1924 1 1/2d.

       HW/LD            H7770.01        1924 1d (two) one on cover pmkd London 15 Jun 1924                                                                       with Williamson identity.

                                                            1924 1 1/2d.

         J/TS                 J7900.01          1924 1d and 1 1/2d on cover pmkd London F S 10 Oct                                                                       1924 addressed to Basle.

            M&P/P            M4560.01        1924 1 1/2d.

            PBL                 P0710.02         1924 1 1/2d (two).

            R                      R0010.43         1925 1d and 1 1/2d.

     RL/S                R3340.01         1924 1d with complete pair of dies pmkd London 6 Jun                                                                        1924.

            SM/L               S5090.04         1924 and 1925 1 1/2d.

            S.P/L               S6000.01         1924 1 1/2d.


            TWW              T5220.02         1924 1 1/2.

     W&S              W6680.07   1924 1 1/2d (three) including two covers with Waterlow                                                                       identity pmkd London EC and dated 11 and 26                                                                      Jul 1924.

            W&S               W6680.14       1925 1d and 1 1/2d.


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