A friend recently came across a small publication by Stanley Gibbons. It was their 'New Announcements' for the year 1899, and it seems they were into the post card business offering a range of 'Government Post Cards'. These are some of the packets they are listing.

No. 27 The Sixpenny Packet, contains 6 varieties, including obsolete Japan, Perak, Cashmere, obsolete Cyprus, obsolete German Empire, and Roumanian Post Cards. Post free 7d.

No. 28 The Shilling  Packet, containing 10 varieties, including provisional Ceylon, Straits Settlements, Mauritius,  Holland, Surinam, Bulgaria, Danish, Servia, Wurtemburg and Bavaria 3pf. Post free 1/1.

            At the end Packet No. 39 offered 100 Post Cards "including many rare" for 20/- post free. Stanley Gibbons also did a range of Albums for post cards from 5/- to 12/6.

            All of the cards offered in these packets were unused, I have wondered why there are so many unused Victorian postal stationery cards about and this looks like the answer. Used cards are very seldom seen, especially from some of the out of the way colonies.

            In their 10/- 'Jubilee Exhibition Packet' as an added inducement Gibbons give away one of the Prince of Wales Hospital Fund Diamond Jubilee Stamps.

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