Members who attended the 1992 Convention held at the Crystal Palace will remember the display given by Arthur Smith on the Royal Tournaments. The highlight of this was the fact that he had been able to identify the year of publication of the cards connected with these events, covering the years 1906 to 1949. It has always been a problem in that not all of the cards have the year printed on them.

            At the time I felt that Arthur's research should not be lost, and he has now given me copious notes so that his work can be recorded. His solving of this major problem has meant it should now be possible to produce. a listing of all the Royal Tournament cards. I doubt if this task could have been tackled without his breakthrough.






1906 to 1949 inclusive

Less the war years 1915-18 and 1940-46


Copyright Arthur P Smith 1-7-1993




1906-14           Royal Naval and Military Tournament

1919 only         Royal Naval Military and Air Force Tournament

From 1920       The Royal Tournament



Year inc.                     Main Display                                     Other Displays

opening &

closing dates

1906                Tilting in Olden Times                           R.N. crossing the line

17/5-2/6                                                                      R.N. Field Gun Crews from H.M.S. Victory & H.M.S. Excellent

1907                Ye Tournament in ye Olden Days          R.N. Physical Training

16/5-1/6                                                                       R.N. Field Gun Crews

1908                West African Regiment                         R.N. Field Gun Display

21/5-6/6                                                                       Boys R.N. School Greenwich

1909                Transportation of Troops to a               Riding & Jumping Display

13/5-29/5         Theatre of War                                     Musical Ride R.H.A. & Dragoon Guards

                                                                                    R.N. Field Gun Crews

1910                Britannia's Muster                                 Army & Navy Gymnastics

20/6-6/7           (400 men & 175 horses)                       Musical Ride 21st Lancers

                                                                                    Arab Tent Pegging

                                                                                    R.N. Inter Port Field Gun Crews

1911                Heroes of British History                       Peninsular Period Costume

18/5-3/6           (320 men & 100 horses)                       Army & Navy Gymnastics

                                                                                    Musical Ride (R. Scot Greys)

1912                The Call to Arms 1588                         Historical Ride 1685 - 1912

23/5-8/6           ( & 100 horses)             Old Time Firing Excercise by Green                                                                                     Howards

                                                                                    R.N. Field Gun Display

                                                                                    Musical Ride

1913                The Restoration 1660                           Musical Ride 2nd Life Guards

22/5-7/6                                                                       Cavalry Display 20th Hussars

                                                                                    R.N. Field Battery Display

1914                The Romans in Britain                           Army & Navy Gymnastics

14/5-30/5                                                                     Highland Dancing by Boys

                                                                                    (Q. V. School Dunblane)

                                                                                    R.H.A. Musical Drive

                                                                                    5th Dragoons Musical Ride

1915-18           No Tournaments held

1919                The Attack                                           Boys from H.M.S. Excellent

26/6-12/7         (Items from the Great War                    Displays by W.R.N.S.

                        tanks etc)

1920                "I Remember" Pageant                          Royal Marine Light Infantry

20/5-5/6                                                                       R.F.A. Vaulting Display

1921                Neptune's Soldiers Pageant                   R.H.A. Musical Drive

19/5-4/6                                                                       2nd Life Guards Musical Ride

                                                                                    R. E. Display

1922                The Royal Navy Past and Present         Rope Climbing

18/5-3/6                                                                       Q Boat and Submarine

                                                                                    Guard Mounting

1923                Scotland in Arms                                  Massed Pipes and Drums

24/5-9/6                                                                       12th R Lancers Musical Ride

1924                Hearts of Oak Naval Pageant               Musical Drive R.H.A.


1925                "Ubique" Royal Artillery                        R.N. Gun Crews


1926                A Frontier Fight                                    Brigade of Guards

8/7-24/7          (Combined Display)                              R.A. Service Corps

                                                                                    Musical Ride R.H.A.

1927                Scotland                                               Massed Pipe Bands

19/5-4/6           1.     Battle of Killiecrankie                    R.A.F. Display

                        2.     Scottish Dancing                           R.N. Field Gun Competition

                        3.     Unity (100 years after)                  Kings Squad R.M.

1928                The Battle of Inkerman R.S.F.              Mounted Display (Weedon School)

24/5-9/6                                                                       R.A.S.C. Display

                                                                                    The Royal Scots Greys

1929                1st Batt. Middlesex Regt.                      Musical Ride 17th / 21st Lancers

23/5-8/6           (Die Hard the 57th)                              Mounted School Weedon

                        (Steady the Drums & Fifes)                  3rd Batt. R. Tank Regt.

1930                Royal Fusiliers Historical Display           17th / 21st Lancers Display

29/5-14/6                                                                     Musical Ride (3rd Carabiniers)

                                                                                    Pipers of the Scots Guards

                                                                                    Army School of P. T.

1931                2nd Batt. Gloucester Regt                     R.N. Gun Crews

28/5-13/6         Historical Display                                  Musical Ride R.H.A.

                                                                                    R.A.F. P. E. Display

1932                1st Batt. Prince of Wales Regt.             Activity Ride Life Guards

25/5-11/6                                                                     Musical Ride

                                                                                    Royal Signals Motor Cycle Ride

                                                                                    Jumping Competition

1933                1st Batt. The Royal Scots                     Musical Double Ride

25/5-10/6         (The Royal Regt.)                                 R.M. & R.N. Field Gun

                        Surrender of Ft. St. John's                    R.H.A. Musical Drive


1934                2nd Batt. The Black Watch                   Musical Ride R.H.G.

17/5-2/6          (Royal Highlanders)                              Window Climbing & Rope Climbing by Boys of R.N.  

                                                                                    P. T. by the R.A.F.

1935                Arrival of Katherine of Braganza           R.N. Field Gun Competition

9/5-25/5           at Portsmouth

1936                2nd Batt. Norfolk Regt. Armada           Territorial Army Air Defence Display

7/5-23/5           Display                                                 Musical Drive R.H.A.

1937                Hon Artillery Company Historical          Royal Marines

27/5-12/6         Display                                                 Boys of the Duke of York School

                                                                                    Toy Soldiers

1938                Scottish Regiments                                Musical Jumping Display 5th Royal

19/5-4/6                                                                       Inniskilling Dragoon Guards

                                                                                    K. Battery R.H.A.

                                                                                    P. T. R.A.F.

1939                Mimic Battle Toy Soldiers                     Royal Marines

18/5-3/6           (Boys of the Duke of York                   Grenadier Guards

                        R.M.S.)                                                Motor Cycles Royal Signals

                                                                                    Musical Ride Life Guards

1940-46           No Tournaments held

1947                Massed Pipes and Drums                     Fleet Air Arm join R.N. Gun Crew

12/6-28/6                                                                     Competition

                                                                                    Royal Signals Despatch Riders

1948                Sunset Ceremony by Massed Bands     Ceremony of the Keys

10/6-26/6         of the R.N. school of Music                  R.N. Inter Port Field Gun Competition

                                                                                    Royal Signals Despatch Riders

1949                Massed Drums and Pipes of the            R.N. Field Gun Competition

16/6-2/7           Brigade of Guards                                Royal Engineers Bridge Building


                                                                                    Royal Signals Despatch Riders





            1906                Gale & Polden Photographic

            1907                Unknown printer           Photographic

            1908                Gale & Polden Photographic

            1909                Gale & Polden Photographic

            1910                Gale & Polden Photographic

            1911                Gale & Polden Photographic

                                    Unknown printer           1. Coloured poster card

            1912                Gale & Polden Photographic

                                    Unknown printer           2. Coloured poster cards

            1913                Gale & Polden Photographic

                                    Unknown printer           1. Coloured poster card

                                    Mrs Albert Broom        Photographic (dated)

            1914                Gale & Polden              Photographic

                                                                        Set of six prepared before the Tournament


                                    Unknown printer           1. Coloured poster card

            1919                Gale & Polden              Photographic

                                    Unknown printer           Photographic

            1920                Gale & Polden 3. Coloured cards

                                    Unknown printer           Photographic

            1921                Gale & Polden              5. Coloured cards

                                    Unknown printer           Photographic

            1922                Fleetway Press            Photographic (dated)

                                                                        Coloured (dated)

            1923                Fleetway Press             Photographic (dated)

            1924                Fleetway Press             Photographic (dated)

                                    John Waddington          Coloured (dated)

            1925                Fleetway Press             Coloured poster card (dated)

            1926                Fleetway Press             Set of six photographic (dated)

                                                                        Black & red poster card

            1927                Fleetway Press             Photographic (dated)

            1928                Fleetway Press             Set of six Photographic (dated)

            1929                Fleetway Press             Photographic (dated)

            1930                Fleetway Press             Photographic

                                    L.P.M.                         1. Coloured Modern poster card (dated)

            1931                Fleetway Press             Photographic

            1932                Fleetway Press             Set of six photographic


From 1933 Fleetway's old address 3-9, Dane St, Holborn, W.C.1. was altered to their new address 11-15, Emerald St, London, W.C.1.


            1933                Fleetway Press             Set of six photographic

            1934                Fleetway Press             Photographic

                                    Unknown printer           Photographic (dated)

            1935                No cards seen

            1936                Fleetway Press             Photographic

            1937                Betts Son & Malyon     Photographic

            1938                Betts Son & Malyon     Photographic

            1939                Betts Son & Malyon     Photographic

            1947                Gale & Polden              Photographic

            1948                Gale & Polden Photographic

            1949                Gale & Polden Photographic

            I have only two cards of different types, of subjects common to all three years 1947, 1948 and 1949. Further information is required to date these cards. I have used the word photographic as a general term to include both Real Photograph and Photogravure.


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