Published by the Malayan Government and

printed by Houghton Butcher (Eastern) Ltd.



Mike Perkins




Back with varieties A, D, E, & H.


            Those members who collect the cards of the British Empire Exhibition will be aware of that long, long set from the Malaya Pavilion which number over 600 cards in the set. Whilst collecting these cards is in itself a somewhat daunting task, given the number in the set, the fact that they don't turn up all that often, and the wide range of prices that can be asked for then, it can be fun looking for varieties !

            Perhaps the first thing to mention is the fact that the picture on the front can be displaced left, right, up or down, so that you can get two slightly different views. We did list a couple in our book where the difference was readily apparent, but basically I think it is a difficult area to try to cover.


            Close examination of the backs show that there are minor setting variations amongst these cards, which are difficult to try and quantify and hardly seem worth bothering with. However, the good news is that there are four varieties which are easy to spot and constant across a large number of cards.


            The first variety lies on the right side of the card, and in my collection I have designated it as follows :

                        Variety A  =  (For address only)                                  (Small a & o)

                        Variety B  =  (For Address Only)                     (Capital A & O)

            The second variety is at the bottom on the left side of the card,

                        Variety C  =  Copyright by H. B. E. Ltd.                      (No comma after E)

                        Variety D  =  Copyright by H. B. E., Ltd.         (Comma after E))

            It should therefore be posible to find cards with either AC, AD, BC, or BD backs, although the majority of cards in my collection have BD backs, with about 25% having BC backs and about
15% having AD backs. I haven't yet seen a card with a AC back. Any offers ? I have cards with two back types, and Bill has three or four cards which show a third type of back. Still that makes some 4,800 cards to collect, oh well, only another 4,300 -odd to find !!!!!

            The third variety lies on the left side of the card, and I have designated it as follows:

                        Variety E  =  "Camera House"                         (quotes after House)

                        Variety F  =  "Camera House                           (No quotes after House)

            I have seen two cards (same number) with BD backs, one with Variety E, and the other with Variety F. I have looked through Bill's cards and found that only about 5% had variety F backs.

            The fourth variety is at the bottom left of the card,

                        Variety G  =  Copyright by H.B.E. Ltd             (No stop after Ltd)

                        Variety H  =  Copyright by H.B.E. Ltd.                        (Stop after Ltd.)

            So now you have a possible 9,600 cards to collect, if all cards exist in all varieties !



            © Exhibition Study Group 1996