Perfins on Wembley Stamps



John Nelson


Members will remember some time ago John Nelson of the Perfin Society asked for help on a listing he was making of perfins on Wembley Stamps. The Perfin Society has published the results of his research as reported in our Newsletter No. 30 in a 16 page A4 size booklet. John has kindly sent me the second update on the booklet as follows.


This second update covers additional information concerning Wembley perfins which I have received from collectors since the last list appeared in 1994. The total number of different dies is now increased to 60 and the number of stamps reported to 468. I am grateful to all those who have contributed additional information.


New Dies


CCW C1800.03 1924 1d, Pmkd,London FS 1 Aug 1924

C. C. Wakefield & Co., Limited

Lubricant manufacturers,

30-32, Cheapside, London, E.C.2.

Exhibitors in 1924 (Pal. of Eng. Ave 14, Bay 6-7).


Additional stamps and covers


ABC A0530.05 1925 1d. (2) and 1d

BS&S B6850.01 1924 !d

C.B C0470.04 1924 1d on cover pmkd, London E.C. 4 Sep 1924

DM D3110.03 1924 1d on a postcard pmkd, London E.C. 28 Apr 1924. Heading on card is Associated Newspapers Ltd but reference to a subscription to the Daily Mail confirms the identity.

F.G F1590.01 1924 1d pmkd, London S.W.1. 24 Sep 1924

HGS H1680.03 1924 1d and 1d

IOM I1928.01 1925 1d

J.S/&Co J6980.03 1924 1d and 1d

M.N. M4130.01 1924 1d

MW/Co M6020.02 1924 1d

O&Co O0480.01 1924 1d

PBL P0710.02 1924 1d

S.P/L S6000.01 1924 1d Parts of dies on either side suggests a multi-head die.

TP/Ld T3600.02a 1924 1d

W/&Co W1340.03a 1924 1d and 1d on registered cover addressed to Hamburg pmkd Fenchurch St. 28 Jul 1925, and with identity Wigglesworth & Co., Limited, (Hemp Merchants) 82, Fenchurch St., London, E.C.3.

W&S W6680.07 1924 1d (3) two on cover pmkd London 6 Jun 1924 and 25 Jun 1924


It has been suggested to me by several people that IOM (I1928.01) might have some connection with the Isle of Man. I am informed that the "Isle of Man Official Board of Advertising of
Guides and Exhibition Pictures" had a stand at the gate of Harmony entrance to the Palace of Industry in 1924 so that such an identity is possible but in no way proven.


John Nelson finishes by acknowledging information received from, and his thanks to, Dennis Bundy, Bill Tonkin, Alan Sabey, Rosemary Smith, Mike Oxley, John Grier and Ian Hamill.


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