Horse Shows II

I am glad to see that Vivien Forster is keeping up her interest in the International Horse Show, she tells me she had a letter published in the “Horse and Hound” and arising from this a lady sent her a booklet “The Story of the International 1907-1957”. She photo-copied this before returning it, and has sent me some further information as follows, this updates the list in the Spring Journal.


1907 The first show was held.

1915-1919 inclusive not held during the first World War

1920 the show opened June 16 closing date not known (see below from Arthur Smith).

1929 June 20 - 29

1933 No reason given

1939 June 15 - 24

1940-1946 inclusive not held during the second World War

1947 when the show opened after war it was held at the White City and continued there until at least 1957

The two dates for 1908 and 1911 remain a mystery.


Arthur Smith writes in answer to my query, when was the Mammoth Fun Fair at Olympia ? it was 1906. He also gives me some dates for the International Horse Show

1914 4 - 16 June

1920 16 - 26 June

1939 He confirms the dates as above.

He mentions he has a 1912 card overprinted on the back with the dates June 20 - July 1, 1913. Now this is interesting, as all the cards published for the 1913 event give the date as June 19 - July 1. Fortunately I can give the answer to this one. It would seem that the organisers had cards left over from the 1912 event and had the backs overprinted with two lines through the 1912 date, and above it the date June 20 to July 1, 1913 printed in. That was their original intention and plan before they had the new cards printed. I have two of these cards, and one has an additional typewritten message on the back “The Directors of the International Horse Show in the anticipation of a very large entry find it necessary to open on Thursday June 19th instead of Friday June 20th. The show will conclude on July 1st.” This decision must have been reached in time for them to have the new cards printed with the revised date.


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