Study Group for International/World Exhibitions.

We have another Exhibition Study Group formed, this time in Belgium. It is called "Groupe d’Etude Toutes Collections Expos’ and was formed at the beginning of 1996. They were good enough to send me copies of their news letter ‘Pavillons’ for their first year No.s 1-4. They cover International / World Exhibitions, roughly the same ground as us, with a news letter about the same size and in the same format as our Journal, also being published four times a year. The emphasis is on Belgian and European Expos and is in French. Having said that the first picture on page 1 of No. 1 is of the Crystal Palace 1851. They have suggested it would be a good thing to have co-operation between the two groups, which I agree with entirely. The Editor is M. Feron. P. O. Box 45, B-4300 Waremme, Belgium. Following is an extract of the letter I have sent to Michel.

"Many thanks for your letter and back numbers of your journal. It is nice to see that another organisation has started up to cater for collectors of exhibition memorabilia of all kinds. I have sent you two years back numbers of our Journal, I am sorry the quality of several of them is rather poor, but as you are probably aware when you photo-copy photo-copies, you do lose quality. I would appreciate your 1997 back numbers so I might have a complete run of "Pavillons". I am all for co-operation, and suggest we both become honorary members of each others group, so that from now on we shall both get each others Journals as they are published. There may well be some of our members who would wish to join your group, so perhaps you could send me details for joining G.E.T.C. "Expos" which I can put out in our next Journal, I have enclosed a form should anyone in Belgium wish to join us."

As yet I have not had a reply to my letter, I hope to be able to give some more details in our next Journal, and will report on any further developments.


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