Franco-British Official Souvenir

             This fairly common souvenir booklet printed and published by Hudson & Kearns, Ltd., has a coloured picture pasted on the front of a French lass pinning a rosette on to John Bull’s lapel, (see front of Journal) needs more than a cursory glance. There are at least three types of this souvenir known, having 44pp, 40pp and 32pp not including the covers. Apart from the front of the covers which are the same , the backs and inside of the covers are different for the three editions. In listing the contents page numbers have been allocated, although the pages are not in fact numbered. I have also used the terms first, second and third to differenciate between the three printings, and not to imply that the 44 page book was a ‘first edition’, and the others reprints.

            This is not an instance of just a fewer pages in the books, the actual make up and sequence of the pages has been altered in each edition. The 32 page edition actually has pictures that do not appear in either of the larger editions. If any readers have a copy of this booklet, please check up on your pages, and if you have a different one to my three please let me have details of it.

               44 page edition                     40 page edition                     32 page edition

               (First)                                    (Second)                               (Third)



cover      H. E. Randall advert.            Same as 1st                           Blank

Page 1     Title page.                             Same as 1st                           Same as 1st

Page 2     Title in small picture.            Same as 1st                           Same as 1st

Page 3     The Court of Honour            Same as 1st                           Same as 1st


Page 4     The Court of Honour by Day.                                           Same as 1st         Same as 1st

Page 5     British Textiles Building.      Same as 1st                           Same as 1st

Page 6     The British Applied Arts       Same as 1st                           Same as 1st


Page 7     Lagoon & French Applied    Same as 1st                           Same as 1st

                    Arts Building.

Page 8     The French Applied Arts

                    Building.                          Same as 1st                           Same as 1st

Page 9     Exhibit of Flowering Plants.  The Court of Arts.                Same as 2nd

Page 10   Exhibit of J. Buchanan & Co.                                            The Palace of Women’s Work.   Same as 2nd

Page 11   The Court of Arts.                The Garden Club.                 Same as 2nd

Page 12   The Palace of Women’s        Machinery Hall.                    Same as 2nd


Page 13   The Garden Club.                 Machinery Hall (Interior.)     Same as 2nd

Page 14   Machinery Hall.                    The Fine Arts Palace.            Same as 2nd

Page 15   Machinery Hall (Interior.)     The British Education Section. Same as 2nd

Page 16   The Fine Arts Palace.            The Palace of Music.            Birds Eye View.

Page 17   The British Education Section.                                           Bandstand in Court of Arts.        Birds Eye View.

Page 18   The Palace of Music.            Across the Court of Arts to. The Palace of Music.

                                                                 Congress Hall

Page 19   Bandstand in Court of Arts.  Congress Hall.                      Bandstand in Court of Arts.

Page 20   Across the Court of Arts to   Birds Eye View.                    Across the Court of Arts to

                    Congress Hall.                                                                   Congress Hall.

Page 21   Congress Hall.                      Birds Eye View.                    Congress Hall.

Page 22   Birds Eye View.                    The Royal Pavilion.              Same as 2nd

Page 23   Birds Eye View.                    Ville de Paris.                       Same as 2nd

Page 24   The Royal Pavilion.              Canada.                                Same as 2nd

Page 25   Ville de Paris.                       The Australian Building.       Same as 2nd

Page 26   Canada.                                The Indian Building.             Same as 2nd

Page 27   The Australian Building.       Tunis & Algiers.                   Same as 2nd

Page 28   The Indian Building.             The Great Stadium.               Same as 2nd

Page 29   Tunis & Algiers.                   The Tudor House.                 Same as 2nd

Page 30   The Great Stadium.               The Grand Restaurant.          Same as 2nd

Page 31   The Tudor House.                 A Great Colonial Industry.    The Sunken Bandstand

Page 32   The Grand Restaurant.          Primrose Cottage.                  Coat of Arms

Page 33   A Great Colonial Industry.    Chiswick Polish Co.             

Page 34   Primrose Cottage.                  Chocolate Menier.               

Page 35   Restaurant Paillard.               The Pavilion of Schweppes Ltd.

Page 36   The Pavilion of the Imperial Moet & Chandon.

                    Ottoman Tobacco Regie.

Page 37   Chiswick Polish Co.              Oetzmann’s Bungalow Cottage.

Page 38   Chocolate Menier.                The Daily Mail Pavilion.

Page 39   The Pavilion of Schweppes. Irvine & Homocea

Page 40   Moet & Chandon.                 Wrights Coal Tar Soap advert.

Page 41   Oetzmann’s Bungalow Cottage.

Page 42   The Daily Mail Pavilion.

Page 43   Irvine & Homocea.

Page 44   Wrights Coal Tar Soap advert.



cover      Schweppes advert.                Blank                                    Blank



cover      Keen, Robinson advert.        Same as 1st                           Blank

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