Franco-British Official Souvenir

            In the Summer Journal there was an article on a fairly common souvenir booklet printed and published by Hudson & Kearns, Ltd., it has a coloured picture pasted on the front of a French lass pinning a rosette on to John Bull’s lapel.  At the convention a member offered me another copy of this booklet, and as I thought it was not too dear I bought it. Imagine my joy when I checked it with my three and found it was different to them. It is a 40 page edition which I am calling number four, and is the same page set-up as the other 40 page booklet listed as the second. The inside of the back cover has a full page advert for ‘Proset’ a non-alcoholic fruit beverage. It would be rash to suggest that is the end of the story, and I would ask any member who has a copy of this souvenir to please check it and let me know if any new make-ups are about.



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