New Zealand Exhibitions.


            Peter van Gelder who sent in the article on New Zealand Exhibitions, has pointed out several errors that have crept in (on my part I hasten to add, for which I apologise). On page eight it should read “a 1d card with the Zealandia stamp design”. Zealandia like Britannia, is a national allegorical figure. There were also a couple of spelling mistakes, Auckland where I missed out the ‘c’ and on page seven “Christchurch is a principal town”


            There was also a letter from Ron Trevelyan saying how interesting he found the article, adding. During a visit to New Zealand in 1998 a Christchurch dealer ‘persuaded’ me to purchase a set of the seven publicity labels for the 1907-7 Christchurch Exhibition, to which Peter refers. The dealer also mentioned that Label No. 6 (the Maori carving one) was scarcer than the others. It was only when I returned home that I discovered the reason for this. According to a reference book on New Zealand stamps which I consulted, the No. 6 label could only be obtained by purchasing a lottery ticket costing 2/6 which was used to help fund the exhibition. The label was stuck to the ticket by a substantial amount of glue, judging by what remains on my copy of the label.

            I also bought a set of the stamps issued for the New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition held in Dunedin. These stamps, ˝d, 1d and 4d were on sale only at the exhibition, held between November 1925 and May 1926.

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