Perfins on the British Empire Stamps.


A letter from John Nelson, of the Perfin Society, including his new Bulletin 279.


Dear Bill,

........the new P.K/L. Wembley Perfin which you reported to me........The item appeared in the Bulletin last month and the only response I have had is conformation from the Bulletin Editor, Rosemary Smith, that she has the P.K/L. perfin with a Paddington postmark. This adds up to a provisional identification of the die with Peter Keevil & Sons Ltd.

The ever vigilant Alan Sabey has recently been in touch regarding another new Wembley die he has discovered, the letters being TT/CoLd. I have written to him saying that the most probable (almost certain) identity of this one is Thomas Tapling & Co., Ltd., Furniture and Carpet Warehousemen, 31-45 Gresham St, 108-110 Wood St and 55-67 Leonard St Finsbury, London. E.C.2.

As I have just done a Wembley survey update for our Bulletin this new one will have to wait until I do the next update in about a years time.


Bulletin 279.

It is more than three years since my last update on the Wembley perfin survey appeared in the Bulletin and since then I have not received a great deal in the way of additional information. However a recent letter from Bill Tonkin The Secretary of the Exhibition Study Group, advising me of a die discovered by a member of the Group which has not been previously noted, prompts me to bring the list of reported stamps and dies up to date.

The new die P.K/L. is similar to P2800.01 and .01a in the illustrated catalogue but it is not identified. Various other PK/L (without stops) dies have been identified in Tomkins with Peter Keevil & Sons Ltd, but not the dies with the stops. If any members have examples of P.K/L. dies on other stamps or covers with postmarks or other information which might help with identification perhaps they could let me know.

New Die.

P.K/L. P2800.01/01a1924 1d no postmark. Suggested identities 1. Peter Keevil & Sons, and . Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co., Ltd. Warrington, who were exhibitors in 1924.


Additional Stamps and Covers.

D.S. D4370.01 1924 1d

ET E4660.03 1924 1d

H&P H5690 1924 1d

HW/LD H7770.01 1924 1d Cover pmkd. London E.C. 19 Jun 1924 (see Bulletin 296 pages 14-15)

M&P/P M4560.01 1924 1d and 1d

MW/Co M6020.02 1924 1d

O&Co O0480.01 1924 1d and 1925 1d

S.L S4320.03 1924 1d

TP/LD T3600.02a 1924 1d pmkd London 2 Oct 1924

W/&Co W1340.03a 1924 1d

W&S W6680.07 1924 1d and 1925 1d (it now seems certain that this is a small SPG type die used by Waterlow & Sons themselves which explains all the variations, including die W6680.24

With acknowledgements to Kim Bjarnt, Terence Wood, Rosemary Smith, Alan Sabey and Bill Tonkin. John Nelson.

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