The North East Coast Exhibition Carillon


Ken Harman


            A dealer recently sold me an original photograph (about 4" by 3") which he had removed from an album for sale. He told me that it was of the New Zealand War Memorial Carillon which had been temporarily erected in Hyde Park, London. This was presumably in connection with the 1929 Newcastle Exhibition and is an interesting personal view of the structure.

            This carillon had been made by the then famous Croydon firm of Gillett and Johnston. At that time they were probably the finest bell-foundry in the world and made products for many cathedrals, churches, public buildings and such-like. They were based in Union Road, Croydon. World War 2 caused a decline and they had to sell out later, although I understand that by then they made little in the way of bells having been reduced to producing war-time engineering objects. Most of the buildings have gone, including their own bell-tower, although one can find remnants of their structures in that area.




                   The Carillon from a photograph                                  The Carillon loaned by

                          taken in Hyde Park                                         Wellington N. Z. at the 1929

                                                                                                North East Coast Exhibition


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