The Commercial Side of the Crystal Palace.


Fred Peskett


            Right from the time the Crystal Palace was opened in 1854 there were a number of retailers who had either outlets, shops or advertising space within the Crystal Palace building. Here are just a couple of the more interesting merchants who were advertising in the “Penny Guide to the Crystal Palace” during 1863.

1.         Messrs Gabriel, Surgeon, Dentist. This Company had an exhibition of specimens of artificial

teeth and soft gums at the entrance to the Industrial Court.

2.         J.C. and J. Field had a kiosk selling “Fine Paraffin Candles” for which they were awarded a

Prize Medal at the International Exhibition of 1862.  These candles were said to burn without the odour of burnt wax.

3.         Jonas Brook and Brothers, manufacturers of Sewing Cottons and Silks had a small kiosk

advertising their products for which they were awarded Prize Medals at the Great Exhibition of 1851, The Paris Exposition of 1855 and the International Exhibition, Kensington in 1862.

4.         F. Cash exhibited and sold Meerschaum Pipes, Cigar Cases and Snuff Boxes from the Royal

Stall in the Industrial Court.

5.         Messrs Lewin Mosely, Dentist and Surgeon had a huge display of false teeth with many

items for sale in the Stationery Court. Teeth were at priced at 5/- each and a full set of new choppers for just £3. It was noted that “real teeth” could be substituted for a “premium” payment, (probably taken from a corpse?)

6.         George Jennings had a shop in the Industrial Court selling all sorts of extracts, pickles and

preserved meats and fruits.

7.         Bryant and May sold their patent “Special Safety Matches” on the stall operated by F, Holt.

Holt also produced some remarkable trade tokens from his stall in the Crystal Palace.

8.         Phillips & Company, Tea Merchants had a stand in the South East Gallery selling “Duty Off

Tea” at 6d a pound and strong black tea at 2/-, 2/4d and 2/6d to 3/- per pound.


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