British Empire Exhibition Railway Tickets and Stubs


Mike Gorringe




No. 1   Railodok Electric Car ticket Outward and Homeward Journey, ticket No. Qa 5444. fare 2/-     overprinted in red, Advert for Graphol on reverse ‘The Key To All Rust Problems, G. D.   Peters & Co. Ltd., Palace of Engineering, Avenue 10 Bays 28 & 29’.




No. 2   Beige BEE Neverstop Railway ticket (South Station) One Adult Fare, ticket No. 103827. 3d    overprinted 4 in purple, Advert for Kiwi Polish on reverse ‘Use Kiwi The Quality Boot Polish’. 1925 in pencil.



                                       3                                             4                                  5

No 3    Beige Guaranteed Day Excursion return ticket No. 0011 (full) from Louth to the Wembley         Exhibition Station 1925, over stamped BEE in red.

No 4    Green L.M. & S.R. return half ticket No. 6620, third class, Wembley to London (Euston),        includes entrance fee to exhibition 1/6d. Dated June 14th 1924.

No 5    Green LM. &S.R. return half ticket No. 171 with cross punch hole, third class, Wembley to      Kensington / Addison Road, includes entrance fee to exhibition 1/6d., Dated 2 Oct 1925



                    6                                  7                                   8                                 9

No 6    Beige G.W. & G.C. Rys Joint punched cheap return third class, ticket stub No. 6138,   Wembley Hill L&NER station to Gerrard’s Cross, overprinted B.E.E. and large C (child?)        Dated 10/12 (?) Sept.

No 7    Pink L.N.E.R. Day adult ticket No. 3413, third class, Exhibition Station to Marylebone (4)        Fare 2s 9d. Dated (?) Oct 1924

No 8    Pink L.N.E.R. Day half child under 12, ticket stub No. 520, third class, Exhibition Station to      Marylebone (4) Fare 1/4d. Dated 5 July 1924

No 9    Beige District Railway child ticket stub half, (Wembley L.N.E.) Exhibition Station to      Victoria Third Class No. 159 overprinted Child / BEE and diagonal bar. Dated 10 Oct 1925



                    10                                            11                                             12                               13

No 10  Beige London Electric Railway ticket stub half - Wembley LNE Exhibition Stn to           Paddington, Adult Third class No. 3800, overprinted BEE and diagonal bar. Dated 8 Sept         1925

No 11  Pink / White / Grey (faded colours) Metropolitan Railway ticket stub, return half Wembley        Park to Baker Street 1 Third class No 7852 overprinted B.E.E. Multi-coloured but faded

No 12  Pink / White / Grey Metropolitan Railway ticket stub, Wembley Park to Netting Hill Gate,         third class No. 863, overprinted B.E.E. Date unclear, multi-coloured

No 13  Pink / White / Grey Metropolitan Railway ticket stub, Wembley Park to Kings Cross (1),          Third Class No 6703, overprinted B.E.E. Part date ‘24 Multi-coloured



                                                        14                                            15

No 14  Yellow / Red / White Metropolitan Railway punched ticket stub, Special Ticket, Wembley        Park to Baker Street (4), Third class No. 8269. Dated 08 Oct 1924 (No indication of BEE)

No 15  Beige Mid & G.N. J’nt Com punched Day ticket No. 0325, third class, Norwich (City) to        Park, via other stations, excursion rate of 12 / 0, Dated 4th July 1925


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