British Empire Exhibition Sterio Cards


Alan Sabey


            These are 12 stereo cards recently listed on E-bay. It could be a complete set. They do not have titles printed on the card, so these are my own descriptions.

Malaya Pavilion

Maori House

The Lake

Old London Bridge (angled view inside the bridge)

Old London Bridge (straight view inside the bridge)

India Pavilion

Railodok car near Old London Bridge

Courtyard of India Pavilion

Gateway to Burma Pavilion

Burma Pavilion

Amusement Park “The Whip”

View from Old London Bridge towards the Stadium

The one card I already have is from a different series.

The title is Tulips and lupins grace the lovely gardens at the entrance to the Wembley Exhibition, London. On the left side is ‘Realistic Travels London Cape Town Bombay Melbourne Toronto’ On the right side is ‘By Royal Command of their Imperial Majesties King George V and Queen Mary’.


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