British Empire Exhibition Narrow Gauge Railway

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Stephen Mourton


Text Box:              I note on the Exhibition Study Group website that you have listed the remaining items from this Exhibition. I think you can add one more. It is a carriage which ran on the narrow gauge railway line operated by Roadrails Ltd. The carriage's history has come to light this year after being given to a railway group of which I am a Director. Our group first learnt of the carriage's survival in 2008 but it was only earlier this year that we were given permission to move it to our site.


            The carriage was constructed by the Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd. Some of the company's records have survived in Gloucestershire Archives, from where we were able to find a works photograph of the type of which 18 were constructed for Roadrails Ltd.

            As far as I know this is the only survivor. At some time after the Exhibition closed it was returned to Gloucestershire and used on a farm as extra accommodation before being moved to another site in Gloucestershire from where we recovered it

            We are keen to find more pictures of the Roadrails railway in action at the Exhibition, as, so far, we have only located two. By contrast the more well-known Never Stop Railway has quite a lot of pictures, including the British Pathe footage. Perhaps you or your group may know of more Roadrails material from the Exhibition.

            Hope this information is of interest. There are pictures of the carriage as it is now on our website

            My e-mail address is stephen.mourton@bt


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