British Empire Exhibition Paquebot Slogans


Ken Tonkin


The Alan Sabey 14 May 1925 Southampton Paquebot post mark


25 May 1925


25 September 1925


            The Alan Sabey collection contained a ‘London Defended’ advertising slogan used in conjunction with a Southampton Paquebot datestamp dated 14th May 1925. I recently acquired the same Paquebot slogan dated 25th May illustrated below. Until now this was the only UK Paquebot slogan advertising an event at the Wembley exhibition known. The recent discovery of a Southampton Paquebot ‘Torchlight Tattoo’ slogan, shown below, suggests that the use of Paquebot slogans may be more widespread than previously thought. The ‘London Defended’ and ‘Torchlight Tattoo’ slogans were the only ones used in Southampton but it is possible that slogans used in other cities may also exist with Paquebot datestamps. If any member has any other Paquebot slogans please send details to Ken Tonkin.


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