1891 The Royal Naval Exhibition


David Hiscock


With a Forward by Bill Tonkin.


††††††††††† This all started out when I read an article in the Philatelic Exporter about the post cards published for the 1891 Royal Naval Exhibition by Colin Such. The Philatelic Exporter is the trade stamp magazine and its circulation is restricted to those involved in the stamp trade. So how did I become a subscriber to a Stamp Trade magazine ?

Well the story goes back nearly fifty years When our son Kenneth was doing a bit of wheeling and dealing at school in stamps. I used to take him with me when I visited a stamp dealer ĎBusterí Keaton who specialised in booklet and coil stamps and any of these where the perforations were trimmed too badly for salehe put in a tin on his desk to be used up for postage. Kenneth used to rummage through Busterís tin buying any that were not too badly trimmed with inverted or sideways watermarks to sell at school or at the stamp club. One year for his birthday we gave him some printed notepaper with the heading Kenneth Tonkin Stamp Dealer, and using this, I sent off a yearís subscription to the Exporter. Itís a good magazine and Iím still getting it.

In his article Colin mentioned the five printings of the Royal Naval Exhibition post cards, this was news to me and I wrote to him asking if he could give me details of the five printings. It turned out that Colin Such was in fact Warwick & Warwick the Auction firm and he had gleaned out about the five printings in a lot that had passed through his firms hands. He was able to put me in touch with the buyer of the lot and the previous owner, who turned out to be a member of the Study Group David Hiscock.

The lot had been bought by a stamp dealer Trevor Price dealing as Hanley Stamps who still had the collection and agreed to send me B/W scans of each page. These illustrated the five printings and later David Hiscock sent me coloured scans of his collection taken before he parted with it, which contained more information.

David had recorded the details of no less than 83 of these cards, and when I spoke to him about the enormous outlay he must have incurred, as these cards usually go for about £50 a time, he admitted that whenever one came up for auction he asked the firm to send him scans of the front and back.

Iím surprised that David did not ask for information through our Journal as Iím sure he would have got help from members. Kenneth and I have ten of these cards between us



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