A Mauchlineware Pencil Box type 4.


The transfer design on the main body of the Pencil Box is identical to the Types 1 to 3, however the pull-off lid has a different transfer of roses, violets, pansies, and what looks like an orange! The shoulder for pulling off the lid is a larger diameter than the Types 1 to 3 and has a different colour wooden disc glued to each end of the closed ends of the Pencil Box. The type of wood used for the main body and the pull-off lid is also different from the Types 1 to 3 and is of a far coarser grain, which is also reflected in both of the end caps.

Shown actual size.


A Mauchlineware Tobacco Jar.


            Made in boxwood this souvenir is shown full size. The design around the black and white transfer of the Great Exhibition Building is a series of alternating red and black concentric circles. The lid is a tight fit to the body to keep the contents fresh, when the lid is removed there is still the smell of tobacco. Three and one half inches diameter by three inches high.


(75% full size)


A Mauchlineware Trinket Box.


(75% full size)


            Made from polished boxwood this is a simple but very rare transfer of the Arcades at the Crystal Palace. The view shows the North Tower with part of one of the original Water Towers on the right. One of the Water Temples is at the centre. The Archery Ground is at the centre right.

            This box is a “genuine” made in Mauchline, Scotland souvenir, the craftsmanship is superb, from the perfect fitting of the lid to the miniature dovetail joints used in the construction of the box. Three and one quarter inches long by two and one quarter inches wide by one and one half inches high.




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