Souvenirs of the Great Exhibition 1851.

Drawings and written by Fred Peskett


Souvenirs made from wood and made from mixed materials.


A large Trinket Box.

            This box is made from polished deal and has a multicolored transfer on the lid of red, pink and yellow roses surrounded by leaves. “A Present from” is on the top left corner, and “Crystal Palace” is at the top right corner “Made Abroad” is at the bottom centre, (this suggests that the item was made in one of the Germanic countries) A varnish has been applied over the transfer. The lock is fitted with a diamond shaped brass escutcheon plate. The dimensions of the box are, six and one half inches long by four and one half inches wide by two and three quarters inches high.


            A Trinket Box made from wood which is covered with a simulated black, white and brown embossed snake skin paper. A thin brass escutcheon covers a wire lock. The lid has a cloth hinge, there is a beveled edge mirror fitted into the lid. The bottom is lined with blue silk and is fastened to the base by red buttons. It measures four inches long by two and one half inches wide by two inches high to the top of the domed lid. The date is around 1895 to 1910.


            There is another Trinket Box which is identical to the shape and dimensions of the previous box, so it is probably produced by the same maker. This one has the words “A Present from the Inventors Exhibition”. There was such an exhibition held at the Crystal Palace during 1887. The style of the wording on both boxes is identical. The brass escutcheon plate covering the wire lock is of a different design (see sketch) and the interior of the box is covered with a pale pink silk fastened with light blue buttons.



(75% full size)