by Alan Sabey

A couple of years ago, I picked up a range of numbered postcards connected with the Exhibition which I had never seen before. The were all in the "Exhibitions" section of the dealer’s stock but were not batched together.

As I put the cards on one side, I realised that they are all numbered and when I put them in order, I discovered that I had 1 - 10. The dealer told me that she had not had them in stock for very long and she was sure that she had not already sold any of them. It seems therefore that I have found a set of ten cards that are new to most collectors. From what I can gather from other collectors of French material, ten would be a usual number (being already metric).

The titles are all in French which I have listed below with a rough translation. The main title is FETES DE L’INAUGURATION DE L’EXPOSITION FRANCO-BRITANNIQUE (Mai 1908)

1. M. Fallieres, President de la Republique, debarquant a Douvres est recu au nom du Roi par le Prince de Connaught. M.Fallieres, The French President disembarks at Dover and is met by the Prince of Connaught on behalf of the King

2. L’Arrivee a Douvres - M. Fallieres, President de la Republique et le Peince (sic) de Connaught sur le Pier. The arrival at Dover - Monsieur Fallieres, The President of the Republic and the Prince of Connaught on the jetty.


3. Arrivee a Londres - M. Fallieres, President de la Republique est recu par S.M.Edouard VII et conduit au Palais Saint James. The arrival in London - M. Fallieres, President of the republic is received by His Mjesty Edward VII and is taken to St. James’ Palace.

4. M.Fallieres,President de la Republique, qui vient de visiter le Home des Institutrices Francaises se dispose a se rendre a l’Hopital Francais. M.Fallieres, President of the Republic visiting French Insitiutions wished to visit the French Hospital.

5. L.L.M.M. le Roi et la Reine d’Angleterre et M. le President de la Republique visitent l’Exposition. Their Majesties the King and Queen of England and the President visit the Exhibition.

(This is a view taken in the Court of Honour at the White City.)

6. Le Prince et la Princesse de Galles, le Lord Maire et la Lady Mayeress se disposent a recevoir M le President de la Republique au GuildHall. The Prince and Princess of Wales and the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress waiting to receive the President at the Guild Hall. This card is vertical left

7. Arrivee de M. le President de la Republique au Guild Hall ou il vient assister au Diner offert par le Lord Maire. The arrival of the President at the Guild Hall


8. M. Fallieres, President de la Republique et le Lord Maire quittent le Guild Hall apres la Ceremonie de reception. Monsieur Fallieres and the Lord Mayor leaving the Guild Hall after the Reception Ceremony

9. M. Fallieres, President de la Republique et M. Pichon, Ambassadeur de France,quittent le Palais Saint-James pour se rendre au Palais de Buckingham. The President and M. Pichon, the French Ambassodor, leaving St James’ Palace for Buckingham Palace.

10. M. le President de la Republique se rend au Chateau de Windsor pour deposer une Couronne sur la Mausolee de la Reine Victoria. The President leaving Windsor Castle to lay a wreath at the Mausoleum of Queen Victoria.

I recently went to a card fair in Paris to look for these cards, and each dealer told me that they had not seen them. One dealer wanted to buy the one I had taken with me as an example!! They must be very scarce cards and apart from Cliche Leon Bouet and ND Phot. there is nothing to identify the publishers.

The Duke of Connaught was a brother of King Edward VII, so the Prince could have been his son. From card no. 2 the other person does not look old enough to have been the Duke of Connaught.

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