Wembley Snippets.


Mike Perkins.

I recently came across the following whilst looking through Lloyds List & shipping Gazette.

Cardiff at Wembley

"Cardiff will occupy the Civic Hall at the British Empire Exhibition from July 21 to 30 inclusive. Among the exhibits will be a great oil painting, measuring 40 ft. by 10 ft., showing the city Hall, Law Courts and the National Museum of Wales. This will afford visitors some idea of the way in which the city has taken advantage of one of the finest municipal buildings seen in Europe. A picture of similar size will give a view, from the air, of Cardiff Docks showing the compact lay-out, which enables ships to obtain a quick turn-round. The North and South Halls will be devoted to the city’s exhibitors, and coal, wagon-building, wire-ropes, Welsh textile manufacture, driving belts for machinery, and many other products will be on view. In the Centre Hall there will be models of early and modern types of steamships, showing the great advances made in steamship construction"

The Civic Hall at Wembley was sited just inside the South entrance, facing up Southern Run, and was used by six towns and cities during 1924 to display their history and commerce. The Hall was booked as follows:

Bristol May 29 to June 13

Derby June 14 to June 28

Hull July 2 to July 15

Cardiff July 17 to July 31

Salford August 1 to August 14

Liverpool September 12 to October 2

Exhibition Study Group 2003