Baby Incubators.

            One of the visitors to our convention was David King a friend of Graham Hall, he brought along a bound volume of a magazine called ‘The Jackdaw’ published at the time of the 1904 Bradford Exhibition putting a tag in each page where was an mention of the exhibition, while looking through it I was struck by a short article. David kindly photo-copied and gave it to me on the Sunday. I know I have a warped sense of humour but perhaps some one else will think it’s funny.

The Perils of Incubators.

            We hear that Bradford is likely to be saddled with a quite unexpected charge and responsibility, on account of the baby incubator at the Exhibition. Two immature infants were borrowed from Leeds, and having been duly incubated, the mothers were sought with a view to their re-assuming the care of their offspring. The ladies however have vanished. Application has been made to the Bradford Guardians to accept these derelicts in the Children’s Home, and though they have naturally demurred, it seems likely that they will have to assume the responsibility. If the mothers are not found, Bradford will have to pay for the upbringing of these babies until they are sixteen years old. It has come to a pretty pass when Leeds sends its foundlings for Bradford to incubate and bring up.

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