Another new 1924 Wembley Map - Number 35


                        Map number 9                                               Map No. 35 Ref. L274                                       

When we were doing the research into the number of different 1924 Wembley maps Mike Gorringe and Alan Sabey sent in details of a map advertising Walpamur Paints etc. and fortunately Mike sent me a photo-copy of panel I which when folded is the back page. I have recently had a Walpamur map sent to me as a present, and when I checked my one with Mike’s photo-copy I found the advert on the back page had been altered. The easiest difference to list is that No. 9 gives a list of English Branches while No. 35 lists Foreign Agents. Map No. 35 has a reference number at the bottom of panel I, L274. The illustrations are 85% of full size. Details of the other panels are,

I. Full panel advert for ‘The Walpamur Co. Ltd., and list of Foreign Agents.

K, L, M & N Picture of the Imperial Stadium and text on the British Empire Exhibition. The headings of the paragraphs are, Variety and Colour, Monster Military Tattoos, A Fellowship of Empire and The Great Home-coming.

S. ‘How the Exhibition began’ and text.

T, & U. All the World will be at Wembley, Fifteen miles of Exhibition. Bird’s eye view of the Grounds. (as Fleetway postcard No. 31).

V. Art of the Empire - The Two Georgians - Short Time Exhibits.


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