Christmas cards.

                 There has been some response to Don Knight’s request for information on Valentine’s Franco-British Exhibition Christmas cards. Ken Rumsey, who I mentioned in the last Journal, came over and brought a clutch of his recent purchases.

                I tell you it made me feel sick as a dog. he’d got some beautiful cards. Amongst them was a new Christmas card not recorded before, a vertical left card No 346 Court of Honour, from Congress Bridge, used on 22 December 1908. What is interesting about this card is that I think it must have been remaindered after the exhibition closed, and the purchaser, the proprietor of “Bells” hotel in London, had a overprint printed on the back to personalise the cards and sent them to friends and customers. I think he must have had a quantity printed, as it would not have paid to get a printer to set up the job if he was only having a few done.

                This brings the number of different cards recorded up to ten so it is possible there are twelve in the set, and they were sold in two packets of six.


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