Another new 1924 British Empire Exhibition Map published by Kennedy North

and printed by Dobson Molle & Co., Ltd.

After lying dormant for two years we have another new map turning up within a few months of recording No. 35, bringing the new total up to 36. If anyone wants a print out of all the 36 types of map drop me a line and I will do one for you.

Contents of different panels on Map number 36.

I. Advert for British industries Fair 1924. Without printers reference number, 11 mm between box and ‘For fuller’ etc. seven lines of text measures 38 mm deep, with an additional ‘Thomas Cook & Sons’ advert at the bottom in three lines.

K, L, M & N Picture of the Imperial Stadium and text on the British Empire Exhibition. The headings of the paragraphs are, Variety and Colour, The Tomb of Tut, Monster Military Tattoos, and An Empire Parliament.

S. Advert with two pictures and text by the “Metro”.

T & U. Advert with map and text by The “Metro” Route to the Exhibition.

V. Advert with two pictures and text by the “Metro”.


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