The Egyptian Court

Erected in the Crystal Palace by Owen Jones and Joseph Bonomi



            The Egyptian Court and indeed the other courts must have presented a wonderful spectacle to a public that in general would never have seen such splendours and probably never even seen pictures or read about the ancient objects on view. It literally opened up a new world to a large proportion of the visitors who in the main were never in their own lifetime able to afford to go on a holiday in their own country, let alone travel abroad.

            The Egyptian Court guide book published by Bradbury & Evans in 1854 introduced the public to some of the objects on display of Ancient Egypt. Of these I am sure samples of the ancient hieroglyphic writing of the Egyptians must have been a major attraction. On the frieze occupying the whole length of the facade at one end of the court was painted the strange symbols and figures that were not there for ornamental purposes, but actually told the story in the ancient long dead language, of their present Queen and Consort.

            Published in the guide book was a translation of the Egyptian hieroglyphics telling the story.



Translation of the hieroglyphics in the Egyptian Court at the Crystal Palace


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