Cigarette Cards of the Crystal Palace.


Fred Peskett.

Hill’s Cigarette Cards.

A series of 40 Souvenir cards, two types were issued, the first in January 1937 which were issued with a matt finish, and the second in June 1937, which had a varnished finish. The contents of both seta are identical. Numbers 1 -11 are of the Great Exhibition Hyde Park, and numbers 12 -40 are of the Crystal Palace Penge.

          1. The Crystal Palace Hyde Park.                                               2. Sir Joseph Paxton.

          3. The blotting paper sketch.                                                      4. Albert, Prince Consort.

          5. Great Exhibition Interior.                                                        6. Great Exhibition Interior.

          7. Great Exhibition Grounds.                                                      8. Great Exhibition Interior.

          9. Great Exhibition Interior.                                                       10. Great Exhibition Interior.

          11. Great Exhibition Interior.                                                     12. The Crystal Palace.

          13. Opening Crystal Palace.                                                     14. Archbishops Prayer.

          15. Queen Victoria opening.                                                     16. Napoleon III visiting.

          17. The Fountains.                                                                    18. Peace Trophy, Scutari.

          19. The Mendelssohn Festival.                                                  20. Steam Fire Engines.

          21. Fireworks at the Palace.                                                     22. Christmas entertainment.

          23. North Transept, Fire 1866.                                                24. The Palace Aquarium.

          25. Blondin at the Palace.                                                         26. Blondin’s Fall.

          27. Shah of Persia’s visit. 1873.                                               28. Tsar’s visit 1874.

          29. Dr Carver’s rifle shooting.                                                  30. The Grand Organ.

          31. The Pneumatic Railway.                                                     32. The Italian Court.

          33. The Egyptian Court.                                                          34. Festival of Empire. 1911.

          35. Football at the Palace. 1911.                                             36. Band Competitions.

          37. The Great Towers.                                                           38. Aerial view of the fire.

          39. Palace destroyed by fire.                                                  40. Remains of the Palace.

Ogden’s Tab Cigarette Cards.

Ogden’s Tab Cigarettes were produced from the late 1880’s to the early 1900’s. They were sold mainly in India and Malaya. In their ‘General Interests’ series many of the cards show events or personalities associated with the Crystal Palace, and were reproduced from photographs taken by J. Russell. The Crystal Palace cards seem to be from three series. Series ‘C’ and Series ‘D’ from 1901, and those without a Series letter from 1902.

The cards I have identified so far and have, are listed thus,

Series ‘C’.

No. 144.      Mrs Laurie’s Poodles. Crystal Palace Dog Show. 1901.

No. 165      .Sandrock Daphne, Kennel Club Dog Show Crystal Palace. 1901.

No. 320.      National Horse Show, Crystal Palace. 1901.

No. 325.      Picquant Pearl. Crystal Palace Cat Show. 1901.

No. 327.      Cackler of Note. Crystal Palace Terrier Club Show. 1901.

Series ‘D’.

No. 37.      Ghita Corri, Opera singer, Crystal Palace. 1901.

No. 45.      Cyclist, A. A. Chase, Record for 1 mile set C. P. 1901.

No. 49.      Maharajah of Jodhpore, Playing Polo at Crystal Palace. 1901.

No. 65.      Mr Noel Price. Playing Polo at Crystal Palace. 1901.

No. 81.      Over London in a Balloon. (6) Take off from Crystal Palace.

No. 87.      Over London in a Balloon. (1) Inflating at Crystal Palace.

No. 113.    ‘Zaida’ Crystal Palace Cat Show. 1901.

No. 124.    ‘Brighton Midget’ Crystal Palace Cat Show. 1901.

Unlettered Series.

N.n.      The first meeting of the Aero Club, Crystal Palace. 1902.

N.n.      A close finish. Mr W. Ayers winning his race. Crystal Palace. 1902.

N.n.      The Veterans Race. Tit Bits Challenge Cup. C. P. 1902.

N.n.      Final Tie. English Football Cup. 1902.

N.n.      ‘Royal Charlie’ Skye Terrier, Crystal Palace Dog Show. 1902.

N.n.      The first British Airship at Crystal Palace. 1902.

Senior Service Cigarettes.

Sights of London Series. c1929.

No. 27 of 48.      Crystal Palace. (Large size card, from packet of 20).

The Spinet House Cigarettes. (R. & J. Hill)

Views of London Series. c1930

No.7 of 50.      Crystal Palace. (Sepia finish) .