Perfins on British Empire Exhibition Stamps


John Nelson

Members may remember that some years ago the Perfin Society carried out some research on perfined Wembley stamps. The results were published in our Autumn Journal No. 26 in 1992. Additional information has been published by John which he has kindly let us print and appeared in Journals No. 33 Summer 1994, No. 40 Spring 1996 and No. 54 Autumn 1999. Over the years some of our members have contributed to his research which he has allways acknowledged in the Perfin Bulletin and on his most recent update in their Bulletin he thanks Paul Watson, Alan Sabey and Myself.

Information received since the last update was published in 1999, which includesdetails of three new dies, continues to indicate that perfins on the 1925 issues (apart from Waterlow and Aerated Bread Company) are very difficult to find. So also are those on cover of which no new examples are reported on this occasion.

The user of the die SX (monogram) S8630.01m, scarce on Wembley commemoratives is now known to have been Essex & Co., Wall-paper Printers, 114-116 Victoria Street, London, SW.

New Dies.

1. B/S B6440.03, 1924 1d, British & Foreign Bible Society, 146, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. Exhibitors in 1924 (Palace of Industry, U859) and 1925 (Stand U853).

2. NUI N3370.04, 1924 1d, National Union for Insurance, Approved Friendly Society, 6, 7 & 8, Colebrook Row, Islington, London, N.1. No apparent exhibition connection.

3. TT/CoLd T4520.02 1924 1d, Thomas Tapling & Co., Limited, Furniture and Carpet Warehousemen, 31-45, Gresham Street, 118-110, Wood Street and 55-67, Leonard Street, London, E.C.2. No apparent exhibition connection.

Illustration deleted

Additional Stamps.

ABC A0530.05 1925 1d.

BE/RP B2500.01 1924 1d.

C.B C0470.04 1924 1d.

DM D3110.03 1924 1d. Also in block of four.

D.S D4370.01 1924 1d. (2) and 1d.

ETC E4700.05 1924 1d. (2).

F.G F1590.01 1924 1d. (2).

GL/Co G3130.01 1924 1d.

H&P H5690.02 1924 1d.

HW/Ld H7770.01 1924 1d. and 1d. (2).

JDW/M J2270.03 1924 1d.

J.S/&Co J6980.03 1924 1d.

J/TS J7900.03 1924 1d.

J.W J8280.01 1925 1d.

M.N M4130.01 1924 1d.

M&P/P M4560.01 1924 1d.

MW/Co M6020.02 1924 1d. (2).

O&Co O0480.01 1924 1d. (3).

R R0010.43 1925 1d. (2).

S.L S4320.03 1924 1d.

SM/L S5090.04 1925 1d.

TP/Ld T3600.02a 1924 1d. (2).

W/&Co W1340.03a 1925 1d. (2).

W&S W6680.07v 1925 1d. (2).

W&S W6680.24 1924 1d.

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