The Ainu tribe at the 1910 Japan-British Exhibition

Another new member Phillipe Dallais is researching the Ainu a Japanese aboriginal tribe who live on Yezo one of the Japanese islands. He is collecting information for the Neuchâtel Museum of Ethnography. I have agreed to loan him some of my material and sent him a copy of a cutting from The Times of 16 April 1910 describing the Ainu’s journey to this country on the "Kagamaru", in all five men, four women and one child came to Britain and lived in the Ainu village at the Japan-British Exhibition. Phillipe knows Dr Fukasawa who is now back in Japan, she visited me a couple of times in 1996 when she was researching the Ainu. If any members have anything on the Ainu, Philippe would be glad to hear from them on <> Philippe Dallais. Grand Rue 55, 2035 Corcelles, Switzerland.

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