The First Cup Tie 1895
A recent find.

A joint article by

Fred Peskett and Bill Tonkin


I used to think that Fred Peskett was lucky, I now know that it’s not so much luck but that he spends every moment of his life looking in junk shops. But recently an element of luck did crop up. He spotted a Crystal Palace guide book for ten pounds, which he bought. When he got home and looked at his purchase, a sheet of paper fell out. It was a programme for the first Football Cup Final or Cup Tie as they called it in those days, held at Crystal Palace in 1895.

It had been trimmed down each side cutting off some advertisements which rather spoiled it. But when he started to investigate the following story unfolded. He found the printer had included some adverts from various firms down the edges of the programme without permission. When this was delivered to the Football Association they refused to accept it as they thought it might effect their amateur status. There was not time to get it reprinted so the printer guillotined the offending advertisements off, and Fred’s copy is actually complete as sold. I understand that although it’s creased where it has been folded, it’s so valuable, he’s making arrangements to keep it in his bank.


The front and back of the first Football Cup Final programme reduced to 60% of full size.




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