British Empire Exhibition 1924 Official Guide Price One Shilling.

There were several guide books published for the 1924 British Empire Exhibition and one of the most popular was the Fleetway Press Official Guide. Although no figures exist for the numbers sold it probably ran into hundreds of thousands and even today it is still very common. It was on sale then for one shilling. There were two different editions of the Guide. One was edited by G. C. Lawrence and pages 17 to 32 contain sepia photographs of members of the Royal Family, officials and views of some of the pavilions. The cover of this guide has the Wembley Lion and writing in white on a blue background. The other edition also published by Fleetway Press has only four pages of sepia photographs, three of the Royal Family and one of officials. The cover is the reverse of the first guide with parts of the lion and the writing in blue on a white background.. No credit is given to Lawrence and the guide has been rewritten by Marjorie Grant Cook in collaboration with Frank Fox. It has 112 pages against the 128 pages of the first guide. I have several copies of the G. C. Lawrence guide and one day out of curiosity I went through them page by page, comparing them with each other. To my surprise I found that two different editions had been printed, although there is no indication of this in the guides. One cover is in a deeper blue than the other. The guide with the deeper blue cover has four pages of illustration not numbered, so although both editions are numbered up to page 128 the deeper blue one actually has 132 pages. The un-numbered pages I have listed as 16a, b, c, and d.Page Lighter blue cover Page Deeper blue cover5 13 Dominion & Colonial Rep’s listed 5 10 Dominion & Colonial Rep’s listed 6 Salvation Army advert with illustration 6 Salvation Army advert without illustration7 15 Dominion & Colonial Rep’s listed 7 11 Dominion & Colonial Rep’s listed 8 Furness (Shipping) Line advert 8 List of Dominion & Colonial Rep’s9 16 Dominion & Colonial Rep’s listed 9 9 Dominion & Colonial Rep’s listed 10 Nestles Condensed Milk advert 10 Furness (Shipping) Line advert13 Official Guide Introduction 13 British Empire Exhibition Introduction17 Sepia illustration (page numbered) (16a) Sepia illustration (page not numbered)18 Sepia illustration (page numbered) (16b) Sepia illustration (page not numbered)19 Sepia illustration (page numbered) (16c) Sepia illustration (page not numbered)20 6 Sepia illustrations (page numbered) (16d) 6 Sepia illustrations (page not numbered) No folded map inserted Folded map inserted21 8 Sepia illustrations 17 Same 8 illustrations but in B/W22 7 Sepia illustrations 18 Same 7 illustrations but in B/W23 5 Sepia illustrations 19 Same 5 illustrations but in B/W24 9 Sepia illustrations 20 Same 9 illustrations but in B/W25 8 Sepia illustrations 21 Same 8 illustrations but in B/W26 8 Sepia illustrations 22 Same 8 illustrations but in B/W27 4 Sepia illustrations of pavilions 23 2 B/W illustrations of pavilions28 4 Sepia illustrations of pavilions 24 2 B/W illustrations of pavilions29 4 Sepia illustrations of pavilions 25 2 B/W illustrations of pavilions30 4 Sepia illustrations of pavilions 26 2 B/W illustrations of pavilions31 4 Sepia illustrations of pavilions 27 4 B/W illustrations of pavilions32 4 Sepia illustrations of pavilions 28 4 B/W illustrations of pavilions Folded map inserted No folded map inserted33 Text 29 4 B/W illustrations of pavilions34 Text 30 4 B/W illustrations of pavilions35 Text 31 2 B/W illustrations of pavilions36 Illustration of gold casket 32 2 B/W illustrations of pavilions37 Text Wembley in a Week 33 Text Wembley in a Day38 Text 34 Different text39 Map 35 Text40 Map 36 Illustration of gold casket41 Map 37 Text Wembley in a Week42 Map 38 Text43 Map 39 Map44 Text 40 Map45 Text 41 Map46 Text 42 Map47 Text 43 Map48-49 Text 44-45 Text50 Text & 2 adverts 46 Text51-53 Text 47-49 Text54 Text 50 Text & 2 adverts55-69 Text 51-65 Text70 South African Prudential advert 66 Text71-95 Text 67-91 Text96 Cope Bros. advert 92 Text97 Text 93 Text98 Amusements Park map 94 Text99 Text 95 Text100 Text 96 Amusements Park map101 Text 97 Text102 Text 98 Burroughs Adding Machine advert103 Text 99 Text104 Fox’s Glacier Mints advert 100 Text105 Text 101 Text106 Text 102 Robbialac, McNish’s & Ackroyd adverts107 Text 103 Text108 Restaurants & Cafes map 104 Lustra Pearls & Fleetway adverts109-111Text 105-107Text112 Text 108 Restaurants & Cafes map113-117Text 109-113Text118 Lipton’s Tea advert 114 Text119 Text 115 Text120 Braby All-Metal Building advert 116 Text121 Text 117 Text122 Chubb & Sons Lock & Safe advert 118 Lipton’s Tea advert123 Text 119 Text124 Text 120 Braby All-Metal Building advert125 Text 121 Text126 Robbialac & Ackroyd adverts 122 Chubb & Sons Lock & Safe advert127 Index 123 Text128 Index (last page) 124 TextB.D.V. Tobacco advert inside back cover 125 Text 126 Text 127 Index 128 Index (last page)

Copes Bros. advert inside back cover

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