Poster Stamps-Vignettes

The Paris Universal Exposition 1900


Charles Kiddle

Another book written by one of our members is by Charles Kiddle on the stickers, publicity labels or as he calls them vignettes of the 1900 Paris Exposition. A catalogue of 142 A4 pages over 60 in full colour, he sets out to illustrate the 1000’s of vignettes in full size each given a catalogue number. This includes much information previously unknown to collectors. It has been published to celebrate 100 years of French vignettes. The catalogue gives information about the exposition and illustrates mainly in colour, associated items such as post cards with or depicting vignettes of the exposition. This is a major work of Cinderella philately.

Charles points out that the cost of publishing 50 copies of a quality catalogue are horrendously high, especially when you consider you have to give six away to various government bodies. The price is 46.00 post free in the U. K. Charles is a man of many parts, not only in the field of philately where he is a very high flyer indeed, but is also the author of ‘A Guide to the First Editions of Edgar Wallace’ which is another of my collecting interests. Not first editions I hasten to add.

For those interested in Cinderella material the book can be obtained at P.O. Box 13, Alton, Hants, GU34 4DP, phone number 0044 1256 862701 or <>

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