This exhibition was opened by the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and Strathcons on the !st May 1902 on what was formerly the site of the old Wolverhampton racecourse. The Royal Party arrived by special train from London and were taken by carriage to the Art Gallery in the centre of the town, where they were recieved by the Mayor. As this was not an integral part of the exhibition, they left, after a short tour of the exhibits, for the main exhibition grounds on the west side of the town.

            They were conducted to the Concert Hall where an Address of Welcome was presented to the couple before they declared the exhibition open. Soon after 3.00pm they arrived at the Industrial Hall where a Gold Key was handed to his Royal Highness, who then opened the building. They toured theis hall and then proceeded to the Canadian Pavilion where they were received by Lord Strathcona. After an inspection of this pavilion they visited the Machinery Hall and from there into the open, to inspect the Water Chute and the other attractions. By 4.00pm they were in the Refreshment Rooms, enjoying a well earned rest, but, even here, Her Royal Highness was asked to present trophies to the successful contractors, Mr. James Herbert and Mr. Henry Gouch. By 5.00pmthe Royal Party were back at the station where they caught the train for Stafford, en route to Dublin. In theevening the town and exhibition were illuminated. The exhibition continued until October of the same year and appears to have sustained a loss of £100,000. No record has been found of attendance figures.


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