This Exhibition was held at Edge Lane and ran from May until October. The aim of the organisers was to illustrate the enormous amount of development that had taken place in Industry in recent years.The Palace of Industries, with 60,000 sq. ft. of floor space was occupied by Bristol, Foreign and Colonial Exhibits, whilst in the Palaces of Machinery, Electricty, Applied Arts and Crafts, skilled craftsmen and articifers, engaged in their various projects.There was a very realistic reproduction of the world famous buildings of Chester with the shops full of goods and manufacturers of the period.Some of the finest bands in the country played in the large covered Halls and out of doors in the Court of Music when weather permitted. Some of the features of the amusement section included Bostocks Zoo, the Mountain Scenic Railway, Shooting Ranges, a Nature Village and River Caves.The admission charge to the exhibition was half a guinea for a season ticket and one shilling for daily admission.

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