Post Cards of the White City.

Part 34.

by Bill Tonkin

Court of Arts, (South), Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908.
Double width Panorama type card, on the back the right half has a printed post card back while the left half is blank.
Coloured, red ‘F B seal’ double width back type FB 1. 
N.n. Title in one line at top centre of the double width card.

Title altered to, Court of Arts, South, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908. (South without brackets) 
B/W litho, black ‘Throughout the World’ double width back type FB 2. 
N.n. Title in one line at top right on the left half of the card.

B/W litho, grey ‘PANORAMA’ back type FB 20. 
N.n. Title in one line at top right on the left half of the card. 
A. Title measures 82 mm. 
B. Title measures 84 mm.

For other cards of this type see under Panorama. 
This is a different view from the Panorama card listed above.

Court of Arts, (South), Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908. 
Coloured, red ‘F B seal’ back type FB 1. 
206 Title in one line at top centre.

Court of Honour.

The main attraction of the exhibition was undoubtedly the Court of Honour, and this must have been a wonderful sight. This is reflected in the number of different views Valentine’s published. The title ‘Court of Honour’ was varied and sometimes appears as ‘In Court of Honour’ or even ‘In the Court of Honour’. Many of the cards were given more than one title, either changing from, say, ‘Court of Honour’ to ‘In Court of Honour’ or changing to different titles like ‘Lake in Court of Honour’ or ‘Swan Boats, Court of Honour’. In all there were 32 different views titled ‘Court of Honour, listed as type 1 to type 32. Out of the 32, 22 were published for the Franco-British Exhibition, and because nearly half of the cards were not numbered a picture and type number with a brief description is given to help identify them. The same type numbers will be used for all the later exhibitions.

Other post cards using ‘Court of Honour’ as part of the title such as, ‘Court of Honour at Night’, ‘Court of Honour, Night Effect’, ‘Court of Honour Entrance’ and ‘Court of Honour from Congress Hall’, will be found listed in their alphabetical order.

Un-numbered pre exhibition forerunners.


  Type 1. A pre exhibition forerunner, a view              Type 2. A pre exhibition forerunner, looking  
    down the lake towards the cascade, in the               through four ornate columns towards the Court 
centre of the bridge is a woman with an                                             of Honour.                       


                Type 3. A pre exhibition forerunner, a         Type 4. A pre exhibition forerunner, this
                sloping ramp between two flights of steps,    is the only vertical card among the four pre
man with stick walking up steps to left.                   exhibition forerunners.

Un-numbered post cards or cards where the number is not known.


  Type 5. Artists drawing of the lake with a               Type 6. Two men striding out at bottom right
               Gondola approaching the lake.                         of centre, women with umbrellas at bottom       
                                                                                  left of centre.

Type 8. Panoramic post card, right half shows three launches, two at landing stage taking on


  Type 7. Close up of cascade at bottom      Type 10. Group of women about to walk
     right, lantern at bottom left.                   under archway leading to gardens.

Type 9. Panoramic post card, right half looks down a wide pathway at an angle with very
few visitors.

Post cards where the number is known.


   Type 11. No. 112, three ladies with                 Type 12. No. 162, pier on the left with swan
umbrellas at right, visitors boarding                            boat heading towards camera.        
launch at left.                                                                               


       Type 13. No. 168, Close up of two                   Type 14. No. 182, wide pathway to right in
    attendants with Swan boat in foreground.               the front a swan boat heading towards right


    Type 15. No. 184, angled view of end of                  Type 16. No. 187, two men on the end of 
lake away from the cascade.                                         pier looking at water.  


Type 17. No 191, night time view, this                      Type 18. No. 196, swan boat at bottom
title was only used for a 1912 Coronation                         right heading towards bridge, under     
                Exhibition card.                                            which there are four boats moored.


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